No quarrels about the best parking space. At most about the best park bench.


It's all in the


The multifunctional office- and business park in the north of Munich

With a clear conscience

Not only does the park-like ambience with its eight hectares of green and water areas support the environmental awareness and the sustainability concept of the Business Campus. Also most progressive energy standards, photovoltaic plants and the optimal transport connection by a tube station of its own show that this is a location where not only life and work are pleasant, but that there can be lived and worked with a clear conscience – an advantage which should not be underestimated when recruiting new staff.

Sustainability is…

  • A park having eight hectares of green and water areas
  • Most progressive energy standards
  • Photovoltaic plants for power generation
  • Connection to the urban geothermal system
  • Durable building conception
  • Optimal public transport connection
  • Extensive guarantee regarding the general side costs to the greatest possible extent
  • Attractiveness for future staff
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