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The multifunctional office- and business park in the north of Munich

Choose your tailor-made business suit

The Business Campus offers to its tenants flexibility both regarding the area and the use. Different building types and a customized planning, fit-out and equipment enable an individual customization to the needs of the individual enterprise – be it an office, shop premises, a warehouse or a laboratory.

Data and facts

  • Rentable areas from approximately 150 m² to approximately 31,000 m²
  • Total area: approximately 230,000 m²
  • Green and water areas: approximately 80,000 m²
  • Parking spaces: approximately 4,000

Our rentable areas

Multifunctional, flexible, tailor-made expansion, offices in nearly any size, combination, equipment, storage, presentation and sales areas, from efficiently tailored specialist shops to retail markets. Everything is possible.

Fitting your requirements:

Flexibility regarding the type of real estate
Flexibility regarding the size of the rented space
Flexibility at the location
Flexibility regarding planning, fit-out and technology

= entrepreneurial flexibility

Being worth its price

Quality has a price. That this price may also be inexpensive is proven by the Business Campus: Intelligent fit-out of the buildings, ambitious architecture and inexpensive rental prices are not mutually exclusive. Optimized side costs with extensive guarantees as well as the trade tax which is considerably lower than in Munich are further important cost advantages of the Business Campus.

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